Emmery Skin Care

Never before has there been so much focus on body and skincare products. That is why we see an immense  number of offers on the market. Many of them are non-organic/artificial and results of experiments using chemicals.

Emmery Skin Care believes that nature contains the optimal ingredients for natural nourishment and care for our skin. This belief was confirmed during our stay in Egypt in 2006, where we met Mario(Hamada Elfar,) who is the mastermind behind the Emmery Skin Care products. After seven years of research he arrived at  the optimal compounding of  raw materials which can ensure the ultimate daily skincare.

This is the basis for our family owned firm as sole agent of Emmery Skin Care. We are based in Denmark and Germany with close contact to Egypt. We have agents and salespersons in Germany and Denmark. In two years we hope to cover all of Europe. 

You can order Emmery Skin Care here directly or contact us for a free sample and/or demonstration. Furthermore you can read about all the different natural/organic ingredients contained in the products under products. All Emmery Skin Care products are delivered with directions, which can also be downloaded from the product page.

Only the best is good enough for an effective and healthy skincare.