Hamada Elfar (Mario).

Born in Cairo d.10-12-1979.

”After my schooling I was admitted to the Academy of Art at Cairo University. After graduation there I was educated the field of cosmetics, where, among other things, I received a diploma as a cosmetologist.

Then I started work in my family’s perfume shop. First I experimented with different kinds of natural oils which moisturize dry skin. In my work I carried out a lot of experiments, and after seven years of research I had the result: the optimal compounding for a unique skincare oil which both firms the skin and makes it healthy.

In Egypt we have a great many natural oils which are good for the skin. The women in Egypt use the oil directly from plants such as Aloe Vera. I had ample opportunity to collect oils from many different plants which can treat the skin for various problems. Se the choice of oils for the Emmery Skin Care products here.

Jørgen Emmery visited me and tested the product. She bought some bottles to take home and this was the first step from being local to going global.

Two months later Jørgen Emmery came to Cairo with her son Michell. Here we made an agreement that they would be sole agents of my oil, plus have the permission to call it Emmery Skin Care”

Regards Mario